Tuesday, September 23, 2014

zumba lessons

Have you been looking for a Zumba class but worried about understanding enough Italian. Then join me, the class is small and the teacher is very good, he watches everyone and alters the pace of the lesson where needed.
The lessons are on twice a week, Monday 6.30pm-7.30 pm and Thursday 7pm-8pm
Cost--enrollment 25euros, 
lessons  paid monthly--once a week --30 euros, twice a week 50euros.

The lessons are held locally in a dancing school.Via Di Santa Cornelia 5/A
(at the beginning of the Formello Industrial estate.)
For more info contact the owner  Laura  388 0492383
or you can contact me Veronica Loguercio 327 7096054  or email v.loguercio@gmail.com ( I go on a Thurs)

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