Saturday, March 16, 2013


If trapped in a covered glass jar, fruit flies grow accustomed to flying just under the lid. When the lid is removed the fruit flies will still fly just
under the opening. The fruit flies are free to leave the glass jar but, because they limit their own flight range, they imprison themselves.
The comfort zone is comfortable
but not fun. And not creative.
Get out of it.
Try the unknown.
As actors and artists, we must stay aware of not falling into the comfort zone. By using theatre exercises designed to COMMIT TO THE UNKNOWN and STAY IN
THE PRESENT MOMENT, we find the freedom to make choices to create more vibrant authentic performances . This work is great for actors and people who do
public speaking, presentations as well as those who just want to get more joy out of life by doing theatre.
This approach helps:
* actors come up with new choices
* singers have a new, more exciting presence on stage
* musicians and writers generate new material.
*everyone be able to just be who they are, wherever they are
We will create and perform characters, scenes, songs and monologues.
We will laugh a lot. We will be silly. You will grow.
Starts Wednesday 20 March at Teatro Testaccio, via Romolo Gessi, 8. 6:00pm til 8:00.
There are limited spots. To reserve your spot, you need to give a deposit.
This is a course for mother tongue and strong English speakers.
www.actinginenglish .com

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